In preparation of their U.S. debut, Indie-Life developed a holistic marketing program that featured a series of on – and off-site sampling activations, topped with a special “Hygge Life” campaign.

The idea: Hygge, the Danish lifestyle that embodies ultimate coziness, would be a perfect match for Carlsberg’s comforting brews. So, we brought that vibe to the consumers’ homes with a special Hygge Life Kit that featured branded goodies like fuzzy socks, scented candles, a Carlsberg blanket, a game and all the other essentials you need for a perfect night in. These kits were up for grabs as a part of a social media campaign during which users could share their hyggely ways.

For our sampling activations, we trained, scheduled and deployed “Carlsberg Concierges,” a handpicked team of seasoned promo professionals from our extensive event staff pool. Our engaging brand champs sparked conversations with fun facts about the brand, the product line and CTA to solicit feedback from the customers. As a thank you for their valuable input, consumers were rewarded with branded Hygge-themed takeaways.

In addition to fun merch, Indie-Life also designed promotional material like retractable banners, table cloths and even the concierges’ uniforms to fully represent Carlsberg’s hyggely spirit.

Our approach was to XXX we curated three original event series designed as plug-and-play solutions that could fit their events calendar as needed. Each series is a package complete with talent, audio production, management, and marketing content for their website, newsletters and social media. —— allowing us to eliminate the constant burden of mining and booking bands and DJs.

To help our client better understand both the U.S. market and the consumers’ wants, we created special communications and reporting systems that allowed our reps to manage key information and deliver insightful sales and market data promptly to them.

And what did we learn? That we could all use more hygge in our lives.