Executive Activations

Comcast is known for supporting public experiential events, and we were happy to help them put on an internal event of their own. The telecommunications giant rewarded their executives with family retreats and tasked Athena Global Advisors to produce three private activations in Philadelphia, Silicon Valley, and Marietta, GA. Athena called on us to white-label our support services and help them pull off the simultaneous pool parties.

Simultaneous Events

Coordinating everything from our Philly base, we co-produced and, according to Athena, executed ”three exceptionally smooth events,” coming through with talent, audio production, and logistical support. From procuring and setting up all sound equipment in each location to maintaining audio quality throughout, Indie-Life set the tone for a memorable getaway for Comcast’s top executives and their families.

Family-Friendly Features

The best part of co-producing the event was syncing up with top-quality DJs who headlined the parties. We booked local favorite DJ Blizzy Most to man the turntables at Park Towne Place in Philadelphia; DJ Cha Cha Jones was spinning at the Rockridge Apartments in Marietta; and DJ Cam Con kept the party going at the Sunnyvale Avalon pool minutes from Silicon Valley. Each of the DJs curated their music selections for an all-ages crowd, keeping the vibe fun, hip, and family-friendly.